Video Teaser

Those of you who know me will agree as to how much I enjoy entertaining my friends and special guests. Then it will come as no surprise, that with now all the delicious McQueen’s Showroom new offerings, we thought a visual mini clip made up of several glamour photo shoot scenes will get your blood pumping. The following was shot at 93 Crown St Darlinghurst, otherwise known as McQueen’s Showroom headquarters. It was extremely hard to find an agreeable person to pose for McQueen’s Showroom brothel website gallery, let alone a sexy model. That is, except one gloriously courageous model-stripper-political candidate-human rights activist Miss Zahra Stardust.

And wow did Zahra bring it that day!!

Introduced by our shared connection, the gifted Make-up artist Dana Case, I was assured that Zahra was the perfect candidate. It takes a certain strength to step up for a gig like this and Zahra showed courage and grace.

I think you will enjoy our little movie montage and I hope you retweet, share on Facebook, download it and show your friends. The best thing is, there’s many more soon to come!

Love & Kisses

Christine McQueen


(PS. Only able to be viewed on PC due to Redtube restrictions. Best watched via an updated version of Internet Explore, Google Chrome or Firefox)


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